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Advisory Services

At Caspire, our mission is to build a better world by working with our clients and strategic partners to cultivate visionary leaders with a world-class, heart-centred approach to education, character building and cultural exchange. Our team is experienced in coordinating joint school collaborations and formulating student recruitment strategies. We create a competitive edge for our institutional clients by leveraging our global network of reputable schools, government agencies and business corporations. Our advisory professionals and project managers are here to help you expand your institution reach with more international exposure. We develop tailored solutions and collaborative initiatives to accelerate your growth, especially in today's unprecedented environment under the global pandemic and other challenges.

We have over 5 years of experience in facilitating and managing the following international projects for higher institutions in the U.K., the U.S., and Canada: J
oint Degree Programs, Articulation Programs, Exchange Programs, Certificate Programs and Summer Programs

By placing world-class education at the centre, leveraging our global strategic network and unlocking new opportunities that go beyond the borders, we reimagine international education together with our institutional clients to create long-term value for students, employers and society as a whole.

International OSSD Program

Our online OSSD program (BSID:665017) has already benefited over 1,000 high school students in Asia that wished to complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma through distance education. We also partner with 25 schools in China to provide tailored online-merge-offline OSSD program. Over 80% of our graduates have received offers from Global Top 100 higher institutions. 

Study Abroad Programs

Caspire offers three short-term study abroad programs that give students exposure to a different academic and social environment in Canada. We partner with reputable schools, higher institutions and experienced subject matter experts in Canada to help students develop their competencies across the Ten Dimensions of Talent.


For each study abroad program, we offer an innovative curriculum that integrates academic, personal and professional objectives in different ways that are appropriate to the specific age group(s).

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Montessori Experience Program

(Aged 6-8)

A 9-day program designed for primary school students and their parents who wish to explore the Montessori approach while travelling in Canada. Children will attend the Montessori program during weekdays while parents explore Toronto through city sightseeing, shopping tours, information sessions and cultural events. Our itinerary also includes evening and weekend family-bonding activities and tours to ensure the trip is filled with great memories. This is a great way to celebrate kindergarten graduation!

Academic Enrichment Program

(Aged 15-17)

A 2-week program that provides secondary school students with a real Canadian learning experience in a reputable private boarding school. This program aims to expand the students' horizons and build their global mindset with a well-rounded curriculum that involves academic enrichment courses, top-tier university tours and Canadian-style outdoor activities. Students must complete an online/in-person English Proficiency Bootcamp before registering for this academic enrichment program.

Career GPS Program

(Aged 16-18)

A 2-week program designed to help teenagers identify their career interests and enhance their employ-ability skills via cross-cultural, career-centred experience. It aims to give students a professional edge and open new career possibilities in today's global business environment. Students will join office field trips and educational tours, SME lectures, financial literacy training and career workshops during the summer program. They will also gain project experience by solving real-world business problems in teams.

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